Okay, I have not started this one, but it is in the back of my mind.

The Motivation

I have recently been making efforts to try and de-cluttered my environment in hopes of achieving a clearer mind. At first I was trying to hide everything away with more and smarter storage solutions, but it never worked for me in the long run. Stuff became too difficult to put away and just ended up somewhere else creating the same clutter I was trying to avoid.

Motivated by a move to a smaller room, and by reading Marie Kondo’s book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying, I wanted to achieve decluttering by simply having less stuff.

By volume, my clothes takes up the most space and when I moved to my flat, I downsized my closet considerably. I even followed the advice of Marie Kondo and only kept the things in the closet that made me happy. However I still had this feeling that I had too many clothes, sure it made me happy seeing them but I did not wear most of it enough to justify keeping it.

I came across Project 333, and it instally felt like a good framework to minimise my closet. The simple act of putting against the number to the clothes I could have felt quite nice.

The Rules

I am mostly following the rules of the original challenge; workout clothes, underwear, socks, and lazy clothes at home do not count. Onto this list of excluded items, I have decided to add:

  • One Suit with the accompanying dress shoes, belt and tie
  • Glasses, but I am limiting myself to only 2 pairs!
  • Ski clothes (I think that counts as workout, don’t you?)
  • Swimming trunks (Again workout)

I have also added a get out of jail card; I can add in three item at any point during the three month, as long as a corresponding item on the list gets donated to charity.

The Setup

I actually have not started this experiment yet, it has been way to difficlt to narrow down to 33 items. I have packed away most of the clothes I do not rotate on a daliy basis, but this still left me a lot more that 33 items.

When I was deciding on the list, here are the scenarios I felt I needed to cover

  • Work
  • A date
  • Smart casual dinne
  • Going on holiday for a while (don’t want to be stuck in shirts)
  • Casual weekends

I started off trying to aim for doing laundry bi-weekly, but soon realised that was too ambitious.

The list

I am still working on the list, but preliminary:

  • 3 Shirts
  • 8 Work Shirts
  • 3 watch
  • 1 accessory
  • 1 Belts
  • 4 shoes


Having only 33 items in your wardrobe is not a sustainable way of living and is a big part as to why I never got started with this project. I definitely agree with the intent behind it, that you can actually get away with a lot less clothes than you think. I have packed away a great deal of clothes.


To come….