I am a engineer working and living in London. I like it here because I get to sample great food from different cuisines and it nevers gets too hot so that I have to start seriously thinking about wearing shorts.

I am working as a mechanical building services engineer, and like to take my work seriously, but never take myself too seriously. I have always enjoyed engineering in all its flavours, and have always enjoyed problem solving from a young age. I cannot help but get passionate when I see a problem that I can fix.

I also thoroughly enjoying programming, and spend a lot of my individual time developing and learning in this area. It is especially satisfactory when I can use it to automate a task or help me with an engineering solution.

A keystone behaviour of mine is food. I love eating with new flavours, textures and experiences. While I can easily say I love cooking for family and friends, I love eating at great restaurants more to avoid doing the dishes.

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